meet kyra



I love healthy food, learning about digestive health, creating relationships with like-minded people, & spirituality/mindfulness.

My passion for healthy food stems from my journey to overcome auto-immune disease & leaky gut. I was diagnosed with EOE (eosinophilic esophagitis) in 2016 along with a myriad of food intolerances and have been struggling with digestive problems for most of my life. After years of time in and out of doctors offices, but no answers, I decided that it was time to take control of my OWN health. IMG_8937

I love using food as medicine, as well as other holistic remedies to help myself heal from disease and maintain overall health and balance. I’m here sharing my health journey in the hopes that I can help others who are struggling with similar health problems to feel empowered to take control and feel healthy again! IMG_8225

I’m a wife & mama living in UTAH. I’m proudly a stay at home mom! I’m also a crazy plant lady, a yogi wanna-be, lover of all things nature & I have a strange obsession with cacao and dairy free hot chocolate.

If you want to be friends you can email me at!


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